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    In our credit healing service, we are dedicated to improving your credit score and freeing you from financial burdens. Our personalized approach includes error correction, negotiation with creditors and financial education.
    Discover how we can help you achieve your financial goals and take control of your future. Join us on the path to a healthier financial life!

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    Increase the possibility of getting loans approved when you need them
    Build sustainably increased income
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    We have the plans for you that will accelerate build up your credit, allowing you to achieve all of your dreams.

    *Micro loans interest start at 10% APR. Loan origination fees may apply. Certain restrictions apply. Other interest rates and terms and conditions may apply when calculating the total amount of payments. The micro loans will be approved if the client comply with the program requirements, pay the loans and the monthly payment of the program on time. When the client is late in any payment, the system delays the process of approval and disbursement of the next loan for two months, as appropriate according to the scale system. During these two months the customer must prove that he can be in comply with the payment’s obligation. Harmoney LLC., reserves the right to approve or deny any loan issuance if the client is not in compliance with their monthly payments. Harmoney LLC., will report all repayments made by the customer to the credit reporting companies. If the client does not pay on time, his credit can be affected. Harmoney LLC., reserves the right to cancel the program for customers who are more than once lates in their loan repayments.Offering popular women's necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion

    How does it work

    How Our Solutions Work

    We give you access to Multi-Micro Loans while you build your credit with the most advanced accelerated program.


    Complete the application to get credit*

    The credit inquiry won’t affect your credit.


    Choose your accelerated program to build credit

    Select the multi-loan program with the payment terms that best fit for you.


    Pay monthly on time and we approve more credit

    While you pay on time, we approve other loans step by step while you improve and create your credit history.


    Build credit to invest in your future

    When you successfully finish the program, you will have earned more experience with multi-loans in your history.

    *Harmoney LLC, could inquire the credit only of people who apply for independent and separate small loans to Credit Elevator programs. Other terms and conditions apply.

    The best solution to stop paying high interests and being able to access loans.

    Need to build your credit history?

    ¡We help you build it! Our programs include multi-loans that help you develop your credit history while you make your monthly payments on time.

    Need to improve your credit?

    Our #1 Credit Accelerator Program is designed to give you have a second opportunity to get credit and improve it. So, you can achieve your goals.

    Need to get a Micro Loans?

    The solution is here in Harmoney. We give you our innovative programs, including micro-credits, at your fingertips.

    Your financial reality, improved.

    With Harmoney, your financial reality change for the better. With realistic goals and constantly improving the processes, we achieve the most efficient results than ever.
    ¡Dreamers will dream bigger!


    More reliable than ever

    You, like every one of our clients, have the incredible capability to improve your finances and live the life that you desire.

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